3 Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Crash

October 2, 2015

Since the start of this blog, we have posted a number of articles suggesting the best course of action to take in the aftermath of an Ohio motor vehicle accident.  Both on the scene and in the weeks or months after a traffic crash, taking the proper steps can help injured victims protect their rights and streamline a potential monetary recovery.  But, along with the list of things to do, there are certain things that injured parties in many cases should not do.

Do Not Forgo Contacting the Authorities

If someone strikes your vehicle or otherwise causes you injury on the road, call the police.  A police report can help establish facts that the liable party may later attempt to dispute.  Further, if the police cite the negligent driver, the citation can be extremely helpful in establishing a negligence claim.

Do Not Misstate the Extent of Your Injuries

Following many motor vehicle accidents, drivers and passengers sustain injuries that are not immediately apparent.  The shock of the situation, delayed onset injuries like whiplash, and the focus on more severe injuries may lead an individual to underestimate the extent of his or her injuries.  For this reason, injured parties should not declare themselves uninjured prior to seeking the attention of a medical professional.

Do Not “Fill In the Blanks”

As a general rule, it is best to refrain from discussing the specifics of an accident with anyone prior to consulting an Ohio car accident attorney.  However, in most situations, those involved in an accident can find themselves speaking to the responding officer, witnesses, or another party about the accident before the thought of legal action has even crossed their mind.  In these situations, accident victims should remember to only describe details that they actually recall.

As human beings, we all have a tendency to “fill in the blanks” in our memory in a way that we believe makes the most logical sense.  But this tendency can lead to inaccurate statements that may give rise to undue questions during settlement negotiations or deposition.  Remember, it is okay to give an incomplete account of the events.  An experienced Ohio car accident attorney will conduct an investigation that will shed light on those areas where your memory is incomplete.

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