Personal Injury and Product Liability Lawyers in Cleveland, OH

Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA represents a wide array of personal injury and product liability, social security and workers compensation cases. Our focus is on making sure people who have been catastrophically injured, and those whose family members have been left behind after a wrongful death, receive justice in the aftermath of these terrible experiences.

There are many types of personal injury and product liability cases out there. It is important to understand how each can be pursued. Below are just a few of the types of cases our firm has taken on in the past. Please browse the many areas of our practice. If you believe you have a personal injury liability case, contact us for a free consultation. Our attorneys are here to help.

lowe scott fisher attorneys in cleveland, oh

Personal Injury Lawyers

Negligence is a major cause of thousands of injuries and deaths each year. Personal injury lawsuits are a means to help victims of negligence receive compensation for damages, loss, and suffering as a result of an accident. Learn more:

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Truck, Motor Vehicle and Auto Accident Attorneys

Car and Truck accidents that have resulted in catastrophic injury or death require a thorough investigation to determine who is responsible for compensating victims. Often, a traffic violation points to an errant driver. Injuries can be made far worse by a defective design or product and typically point to negligence on the part of the car manufacturer. Learn more:

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Product Liability Lawyer

Product design is a key element of consumer safety. When a company develops a product that poses a serious risk to consumers and causes harm, death, or catastrophic injury, that company must be held accountable. Find out more:

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Malpractice Lawyers

Malpractice, whether medical, legal or another form of professional negligence, can cost individuals their livelihoods, quality of life, health, and even their lives. Lowe Scott Fisher stands with our clients against negligence and greed that so often accompanies malpractice lawsuits. Find out more:

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Workers Compensation Lawyers

Serious workplace injuries require time and care to recover. Adding a workers compensation claim into the mix can create added stress when you should be focusing on getting better. Find out how an experienced workers compensation attorney can help you move on with your life and get the most from your claims process. Learn more:

Social Security Disability Lawyers

Social Security Disability claims are often difficult and complicated to navigate alone. Almost 70% of claims are denied the first time around. Get the help you need from an experienced social security disability attorney who can help you begin to move on with your life. Find out more:

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