What Our Clients Have to Say

My first lawyer dropped my case after working on it for a year because he said it couldn't be won. Mr. Fisher told me that he thought he could win if he could get a cooperative doctor. Once he got a report from my surgeon, he was able to get me a lot more money than I ever expected.

- Former Client

Meghan was very upfront in regards with what to expect, and how long the process would be. She gives you worst case scenario vs. best case scenario. She is professional, and has a wonderful personality. She talks you like a person, and not like you are just a client.

- Crystal

Mr. Fisher took my case when three other lawyers turned it down. Once Mr. Fisher got involved within three weeks he got a good witness statement and had identified the trucking company. After that it only took a month for him to get all my bills paid and get me a settlement that was a lot more than I was expecting.

- Stan

I was represented by Mr. Gregory Scott. He stayed in contact with me throughout the whole process. His communication and his patience to explain to me what I needed to do and what was going on was exceptional.

- Brian

I had a personal injury case that I feel was very complex. Meghan was able to take it all in, make sense of it, and wrap it all up faster than I anticipated. I felt that Meghan paid my case the attention it was deserving of, and went above and beyond in making me feel comfortable that she had it under control.

- Thomas