$600,000 Settlement for Morphine Overdose

Hospital overdose of morphine. Excessive amount of Morphine administered to patient following surgery causing respiratory depression when transferred to regular nursing floor. Nurses failed to monitor patient resulting in brain injury.

$900,000 Settlement for Failure to Diagnose a Heart Attack

An emergency room physician failed to recognize signs of impending heart attack, prematurely discharging the patient, who died at home.

Highway Laborer Struck by Intoxicated Driver Coming from an Indians Games Receives $3.0 Million Settlement

While setting traffic barrels at a night time construction site, a laborer was struck by a car being driven by an intoxicated driver. The insurance companies of the driver, the construction company and the laborer’s employer were ultimately persuaded to resolve the laborer’s claims of brain injury and orthopaedic damages for approximately $3,000,000.

$1.2 Million Trial Verdict for Surgeon’s Failure to Treat Complications

$2.0 Million Settlement for Traumatic Brain Injury Resulting from Failure to Diagnose Fetal Distress

During a routine childbirth procedure, the physician failed to recognize and respond to indications of fetal distress as shown by the fetal monitor strips. This resulted in brain injury to newborn infant. The case was settled for $2.0 million.

$2.0 Million Trial Verdict for Misdiagnosis of Tuberculosis rather than Lung Cancer

A family physician misinterpreted an x-ray, resulting in a diagnosis as Tuberculosis, which resulted in a two-year delay in the determining the correct diagnosis of lung cancer. The case resulted in a $2.0 million trial verdict — reduced by loss of chance percentage.

$2.5 Million Verdict Against Local Surgeon for Surgical Malpractice

In possibly the largest malpractice verdict ever in Butler County, Ohio, the firm won a trial against a local surgeon who pierced both the atrium and the pericardial sac (the tough sac that surrounds the heart) during a procedure, causing the patient to bleed to death on the operating table. The doctor pierced the heart with either the dilator or the guide wire; there was considerable disagreement during the trial which instrument caused the damage. It was the firm’s position that piercing the atrium and the pericardial sac was impossible if the doctor had been paying attention, and thus, was malpractice. The defense countered that the puncturing of the heart was a known complication, but the evidence developed during the case demonstrated that there had never been a reported incident like the complication created by the defendant doctor. The firm used a sophisticated animation to demonstrate to the jury how the doctor went off course during the procedure and inflicted the fatal wounds. The patient, a retired psychology professor was unmarried, but was survived by his three adult children. After a six day trial, the Butler County jury found the doctor liable for malpractice and awarded the family $2.5 million.

$700,000 Legal Malpractice Settlement

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