Get Help From a Workers Compensation Attorneys in Cleveland, OH that will Fight for Employees Injured in Traffic Accidents

When an Ohio employee injured in a motor vehicle accident applies for workers’ compensation benefits, there is a good chance that the employee’s application will face serious scrutiny. To preserve your right to receive benefits following a work-related motor vehicle crash, you need to be able to withstand that scrutiny. Our workers compensation attorneys are here to help.

Motor Vehicle Crashes

Lowe Scott Fisher offers consultations from workers compensation attorneys that have helped countless Ohio workers obtain the benefits they deserve following a work-related accident. By leveraging our tremendous resources and experience, an attorney can help you navigate the complex laws and regulations that may otherwise prevent you from receiving the compensation you deserve.

Analyzing Your Workers Compensation Claim

If you are unsure of whether your motor vehicle accident is covered by workers’ compensation, contact us now for a free consultation. Questions relevant to your benefits claim include:

  • Is Driving a Duty of Your Employment?
  • Do You Work at the Same Location Every Day?
  • Were You Traveling to or from Work at the Time of Your Injury?
  • Were You Performing a Service or Traveling at the Direction of Your Employer?
  • Did You Deviate from a Designated Task or Route?
  • Did Your Employer Expose You to a Particular Injury or Special Hazard?

Workers compensation eligibility can vary depending on the responses to these questions and many other factors. Having an experienced benefits attorney to develop and present your claim can make the difference between receiving the benefits you deserve and having your claim denied.

If you or your loved one suffered injuries or wrongful death in a work-related accident, benefits may be available to assist you.  Contact us for help from an Ohio workers compensation attorney.

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