Get help from a social security disability lawyer at Lowe Scott Fisher in Cleveland, OH

You’re tired. You’re hurting. You’ve made endless trips to the doctor. Perhaps you already filed paperwork for Social Security Disability and have been denied. Some days, it’s hard to find the energy to keep fighting for what you need. When you need someone on your side, working to tackle the Social Security Disability system, it is time to call in some help from a social security disability lawyer at Lowe Scott Fisher.

Social Security Disability

It usually takes only a few months for a denial to be issued. Sometimes it takes less than one month. It often takes longer for a decision to be issued finding you disabled. You can sign up with a social security disability lawyer at any time during the application process to help you move towards your best possible outcome.

FACT: 70% of Social Security Disability applications are denied the first time.

It’s good to remain hopeful. However, less than 40 percent of people who apply are found disabled at the initial or reconsideration stages. Although this does not mean that we will not try to win your case at this level, do not be discouraged if we receive a denial notice. When we agree to represent you it’s because we think you have a good case. It may be necessary to go to a hearing to win your case.

When an application for Social Security Disability Benefits has been denied, an attorney can work with you going forward, guiding you through this complicated process. Our Social Security Disability lawyer will monitor your claim status throughout and keep you updated during the process.

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