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Dog bites and dog attacks result in countless serious injuries every day. According to a study from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there are about 4.7 million dog bites each year (roughly 12,875 per day). In fact, dog bites are so common and so severe that Ohio Revised Code Section 955.28 was enacted specifically to protect injured parties’ right to recover compensation for dog bite and dog attack injuries. If you have been bitten by a dog, contact the dog bite lawyers at Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA.

Dog Bite

Nearly 1 in 5 people bitten by a dog requires medical attention. You may have a case if a dog has caused any type of injury, including:

  • Bites and punctures
  • Cuts, bruises and scratches
  • Fractured bones
  • Dislocated bones
  • Tripping or falls during an attack
  • Property damage, including death of attacked pets
  • Severe mauling
  • Wrongful death

Dog bite injuries can be severe and even deadly. Ohio law allows those injured to pursue legal action against dog owners and their insurers. Our experienced dog bite lawyers at Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA will pursue those legally responsible for your injuries and help you receive the compensation you deserve.

How to Pursue a Dog Bite Claim in Ohio

Many Ohio dog bite claims are covered by a dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance. Where possible, we can negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf with an owner’s insurance company, minimizing the personal and financial strain when injured by a familiar dog.

In some cases, injuries or damages may require filing a lawsuit. When this is your best option, the team at Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA provides the experience, strategy, and resources necessary to take your case all the way to trial, if necessary, to help you receive the best result possible.

Contact us now if you were injured:

  • By a loose dog on your own property or public property
  • By a dog on its homeowner’s property
  • During a social or sales call
  • While performing onsite maintenance

No matter the circumstances, if you were severely injured by a dog bite or attack you need the help of legal counsel.

If you or a family member suffered serious injury or loss of life because of a dog attack, call 216-781-2600 or e-mail our proven Cleveland dog bite lawyers to schedule a consultation.

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