3 Myths About Ohio Workplace Accident Lawsuits

May 9, 2015

No matter where you work, there is always the potential that work-related injuries may occur.  While many workplace accidents occur in industrial settings like construction sites, fracking sites, or automobile factories, a large number of on-the-job injuries also occur in offices, schools, and retail stores.  Because almost anyone who is employed may, at some point, need to consider filing an Ohio workplace accident lawsuit, it is important to separate the myths from the truths about workplace accident lawsuits.

Myth 1Workers’ Compensation Law Prohibits You from Filing a Workplace Accident Lawsuit

While Ohio’s workers’ compensation statute does grant employers immunity from most workplace accident lawsuits, many workplace accidents occur due to the negligence of a third party.  Manufacturers of defective products or equipment, subcontractors, or premises owners are just a few of the third parties whose negligence frequently causes on-the-job injuries.  These responsible parties are not granted immunity under Ohio’s workers’ compensation law, meaning that they can be sued for the injuries that they caused you.

Myth 2 – Workers’ Compensation Benefits Always Provide You Full Compensation for Your Injuries

Many injured employees do not even consider filing a workplace accident lawsuit because they believe that workers’ compensation benefits provide full compensation for their injuries.  Too often, though, workers compensation benefits are actually far less than what an employee and his family will need to recover physically and financially.

Myth 3 – It Is Always Best to Just Let Your Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Handle Your Workplace Accident Lawsuit

Navigating a workers’ compensation claim and pursuing a workplace accident lawsuit are two very different things.  For this reason, it is common—and, in many cases, preferable—to have different lawyers handle your workers’ compensation claim and your workplace accident lawsuit.  Every injured employee deserves to be represented by a lawyer who has the experience, skill, and knowledge to obtain the best result in a workplace accident lawsuit.

If you or a loved one were injured in a workplace accident, let our workplace accident attorneys help.  Contact Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA today for a free consultation.

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