4 Things a Personal Injury Lawyer Will Ask You About Your Claim

March 26, 2016

As a personal injury law firm in Cleveland, Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA helps many Ohioans fight for just compensation for their injuries. While every personal injury case is different, there are several questions that will always be asked regarding a negligence claim. For those unfamiliar with the process of pursuing legal action for a personal injury, here are four questions that you can expect your personal injury lawyer to ask about your claim.

  • When Did Your Injury Occur?

While many details of your accident or injury will be important to your case, the most important fact about your case may be when it occurred. The reason you can expect your attorney to ask about the date of injury is because statutes of limitations apply to personal injury claims. The date of your injury will determine if you can still timely file a lawsuit.

  • What Were Your Damages?

An essential element of every personal injury claim is damages. How much did you incur in medical expenses, lost wages, or other monetary costs arising from your injuries? Asking about damages allows your personal injury attorney to help you figure out the true and total extent of your damages, and may help in deciding whether it is in your best interest to pursue a lawsuit.

  • Who Caused Your Injury?

Obviously, knowing from whom to seek compensation is essential to bring an Ohio personal injury action. But frequently personal injury claims will involve injuries caused by businesses or their employees. Your personal injury will want to identify as soon as possible whether the person responsible for your injury was acting on behalf of an employer, as this may affect how an action will be pursued.

  • Have You Made Any Statements About Your Accident or Injuries?

Whether you spoke with another party or you provided a recorded statement, written and recorded statements may be used to minimize or defeat your personal injury claim. Your lawyer will want to know what you may have said about the incident to fully evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your case.

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