4 Times When You Should Call a Cleveland Personal Injury Lawyer

February 20, 2016

If you are like many Clevelanders whose lives are affected by personal injuries, you may have some hesitation when it comes to contacting a Cleveland personal injury lawyer. The legal system can be daunting and complex, and this leads many injured individuals to second-guess whether their particular case is significant enough to warrant the attention of an attorney (or, ultimately, the courts). The truth is that, although not every injury will give rise to a lawsuit or legal claim, every instance where an individual wrongly suffers personal injury or property damage should be reviewed by an experienced injury attorney.

If you are hesitant about contacting a personal injury lawyer, read on and see if your situation falls under any of the four times when you should call a Cleveland personal injury lawyer.

   1.   When an Injury is Caused by Someone Else’s Negligence

In some instances, even those without a legal education can recognize the negligence of another party as the cause of personal injuries. For example, if a motorist runs a red light and injures another driver, it is readily apparent that the negligent motorist’s actions caused the injuries. In this situation, the negligent driver may be held liable for those injuries, large or small. When you know or believe a negligent party is at fault for injuries, you should contact a personal injury attorney.

   2.   When an Injury is Caused by Someone Else’s Intentional Act

A qualified personal injury lawyer can also represent those who sustain injuries caused by another party’s intentional acts. Physical violence, sexual assaults, and fraud are examples of torts that should not go unaddressed. If you are the victim of an intentional act that results in personal injury or property damage, contact a personal injury lawyer.

   3.   When an Injury Occurs and You Are Uncertain Who, If Anyone, Caused It

In some situations, an individual’s hesitancy to contact an attorney may stem from an inability to identify a cause of an injury. This may happen in a variety of personal injury cases, but is perhaps most frequent in claims involving medical malpractice, product liability, and nursing home injuries. The reason it is important to contact a personal injury lawyer in these circumstances is that a skilled attorney will have the insight and the resources to investigate the cause of an injury. For example, if an elderly relative falls in a nursing home, a layperson may assume that the fall occurred merely due to the victim’s age. In many such cases, though, nursing home falls are caused by premises defects or lapses in care discoverable only after thorough investigation by an experienced lawyer.

   4.   When an Insurance Adjuster Attempts to Convince You to Settle a Claim Shortly After an Accident

It is never a good idea for an individual to take on a large insurance company alone, but those who do should be particularly wary when an adjuster tries to settle a claim—and “buy you off”—immediately following an accident or injury. Many people recognize that this is an insurance tactic meant to minimize the payout to victims, but they think that they do not have any way to negotiate a better settlement offer. This is simply not true. A Cleveland personal injury lawyer can assist with all aspects of a claim, including negotiating settlements prior to or in lieu of filing a civil lawsuit.

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