Air Conditioners Increase the Risk of Home Fires

July 5, 2014

With the recent high temperatures, people in Cleveland and all around Ohio have been cranking up their air conditioners to beat the summer heat.  But whether you use central air, a window unit, or even just a simple fan, your preferred appliance for keeping cool comes with some risk that you should know about.

According to the National Fire Protection Association’s most recent statistics, air conditioners, fans and related equipment are involved in over 7,000 home structure fires each year in the United States.  These fires primarily start as the result of mechanical or electrical failures in the air conditioning equipment.  Like any home fire, fires caused by air conditioning units can and do cause damage to property, serious bodily injury, and even death.

Air conditioners, though, are not the only appliances that can potentially cause personal injuries.  Washers, dryers, kitchen appliances of all types, and even computers can be dangerous due to electrical or mechanical malfunctions.  Because it is impossible for consumers to know which products and appliances may malfunction, the best course of action is to maintain working, in-home smoke alarms and discuss fire safety and emergency protocol with children living in the home.

Since you cannot know when or how injuries or property damage might occur, it is important to know your rights if they occur.  You have the right to expect your air conditioning units and appliances to be safe and free from mechanical and electrical malfunctions.  The manufacturer of a defective product may be liable for injuries caused by its unsafe appliances.  In certain circumstances, the seller of the appliance may be liable for your injuries as well.  Additionally, if you hired a professional to install an appliance and their negligent installation caused the appliance to malfunction, you may be entitled to compensation from the installer.

If you or a loved one has been injured as the result of a defective air conditioner or any other defective appliance, call the experienced Ohio product liability lawyers at Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA for a free telephone consultation.

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