Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits

May 3, 2018

Applying for Social Security disability benefits is just the beginning of what can be a long and complicated process.  When you or your loved one are already struggling with the consequences of an injury or illness, dealing with disability applications, bureaucracy, and appeals can seem impossible.

By retaining an experienced Social Security disability lawyer, applicants can ease their burden and know that they have someone fighting to help them get the maximum benefits available.  This means more time to focus on your own well-being and recuperation.

At Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA, helping clients in their time of needs means securing compensation and benefits from all available sources.  That is why the Lowe Eklund team represents clients in social security disability benefits matters.

Injured and ailing individuals deserve to have someone on their side.  No matter what stage of the benefits application or appeals process you are in, one of Lowe Eklund’s qualified attorneys can help.

Applying for Social Security Disability

Many people either do not know they may be eligible for disability benefits or are overwhelmed by the difficult application process.  With a licensed attorney representing you from the outset, applying for social security disability benefits may be faster, easier, and more streamlined.

Obtaining the proper documentation, developing the necessary evidence, and understanding the application process and strategy can set your application up for a better result.  A social security disability lawyer can improve your chances of having your application processed quickly and fairly, while minimizing procedural or technical issues.

Making Your Case

One frequent cause of application denials is simply a lack of supporting medical records.  Many people are in fact disabled in such a way that they should receive disability benefits.  However, they are denied benefits because they have not proven their disability according to the established requirements.

An attorney can help prevent this.  By gathering the proper medical records—and, where appropriate, recommending additional tests to establish a disability before the State—your attorney can help you “make your case” that disability benefits are appropriate.

Appealing Denials of Benefits

If your application has been denied for any reason, a social security disability lawyer can help you appeal the decision.  The SSA may make a mistake about whether benefits are appropriate in your case.  When this happens, it is the responsibility of the denied applicant to prove their error.

Appeal a denial of benefits is similar to litigation—that is why a having a lawyer for your appeal is strongly recommended.  Your attorney can prepare you for your hearing, review the sorts of questions you should expect to receive, prepare further evidence and documentation as needed, and argue the legal or medical issues that led to your denial.

Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA – An Ohio Social Security Disability Law Firm

If you or a loved one are considering Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits, or if your benefits application was denied, contact an experienced attorney to help you get the benefits to which you are entitled.  Call Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA now for a free consultation.

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