Be Vigilant and Vocal When It Comes to Prescription Drug Side Effects

August 19, 2015

Ordinarily, the phrase “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” refers to the steps that we should take to avoid health problems.  But the phrase can apply equally to individuals who are already experiencing health problems.

It seems like every day injured patients and their families are forced to file prescription drug lawsuits because of serious or deadly side effects related to prescription drugs.  Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA has recently discussed the dangers associated with Xarelto, and new lawsuits relating to side effects of Zofran and Actos, among other drugs, are making national headlines.

How Can Patients Protect Themselves Against Undisclosed Side Effects?

Sometimes, an “ounce of prevention” means recognizing when to call off a course of treatment.  Unfortunately, even vigilant doctors may be blindsided by adverse events and side effects in patients due to the fact the particular side effects were not properly disclosed or investigated by a pharmaceutical company.  However, as the individual experiencing the effects of medication, the patient herself may be able to guard against more serious prescription drug injuries.

If you begin to experience side effects after taking prescription drugs—even if those side effects were not mentioned by your prescriber—contact a health care professional immediately.  Whether covered up by a greedy drug maker or overlooked by your prescriber, there are many reasons that you may be experiencing unexpected but dangerous side effects.  Do not forgo contacting your physician merely because you do not see your symptoms on the product insert.

Further, research for yourself.  Patient support groups and patient-input sites like can reveal previously undisclosed side effects afflicting others like you.  If you uncover similar problems for other patients, inform your doctor and ask about alternative medications.  To be clear, your personal research is no substitute for comprehensive medical training, so do not alter your treatment plan without consulting your doctor.  However, by bringing new concerns forward, you may be able to save yourself and others the pain and risk of continuing treatment with a dangerous drug.

An Ohio Prescription Drug Lawyer Can Help You Determine If You Have a Claim

If you or a loved one have experienced health problems, injuries, or wrongful death as the result of a prescription drug, contact an Ohio prescription drug lawyer at Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA today to discuss your case.

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