Brain Injury Caused by Medical Malpractice

May 29, 2018

A brain injury is among the most severe and devastating types of personal injuries.  Known to cause comas, vegetative states, and even wrongful death, brain injuries impact victims and their families physically, emotionally, and financially.  Motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, falling objects, or defective products can all cause brain injuries.  But injuries to the brain also frequently occur as the result of medical or surgical malpractice. 

If you or your loved one suffered a brain injury as the result of a negligent physician or hospital, you need an experienced medical malpractice law firm like Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA to help you fight for justice.  Brain injuries can burden families with heavy personal and financial losses, and you have the right to pursue compensation from those liable for your loved one’s injuries.

What Is a Brain Injury?

A brain injury is a direct physical injury that disrupts or interferes with the ordinary functioning of the brain.  Brain injuries can occur due to physical trauma to the head, but they can also occur in other ways.  Ingestion of dangerous substances, oxygen deprivation, untreated diseases, and contaminated food are a few causes of brain injuries that do not result from direct physical trauma to the head.

How Can Medical Malpractice Cause Brain Injuries?

Medical malpractice can cause both types of brain injuries discussed above.  Direct physical trauma to the brain can occur during surgery, or in other circumstances while under a hospital or physician’s care.  For example, if a patient becomes dizzy and falls or passes out because of a prescription error, the fall can cause serious injury to the head and is attributable to malpractice.

Malpractice also causes brain injuries in many ways that do not involve blunt force.  Improper medications or dosage and anesthesia errors can cause significant brain injuries.  Failures to diagnose or address certain medical conditions, like a stroke, tumor, or heart attack, can result in serious brain injuries.  Infections, too, can cause brain injuries and frequently occur as the result of medical or surgical malpractice.

What are the Effects of Brain Injuries?

Brain injuries can result in a variety of symptoms, including:

  • Coma or Vegetative State
  • Memory Loss, Mild to Severe
  • Speech Problems
  • Loss of Coordination
  • Physical Weakness
  • Diminished Cognitive Faculties

Why You Need a Medical Malpractice Attorney

While all medical malpractice claims present unique issues, brain injuries usually involve extremely complex legal and medical questions.  Your lawyer will protect your rights to compensation by ensuring that your claim is supported by all necessary data and affidavits, timely filing your complaint, gathering medical records and evidence, consulting with and deposing medical experts, and pinpointing how the hospital or medical professional failed to provide adequate care.

Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA—Ohio Brain Injury Lawyers

If you or a loved one suffered a brain injury, you do not have to face your burden alone.  Call now for a free consultation about your potential claims.

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