Breville Pressure Cookers Cause Second Degree Burns, 35,000 Units Recalled

January 2, 2016

Vigilant consumers may remember that December 2014 saw coffeemaker manufacturer Keurig recall several million of its home coffee brewers following complaints that the appliances had caused numerous burn injuries. Now, almost a year to the day, kitchen appliance manufacturer Breville has issued a recall for its Fast Slow Cooker, a home pressure cooker that has reportedly caused burn injuries to multiple users.

The Breville Pressure Cooker Recall

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the defect that has caused the reported injuries, which include second-degree burns to the arms, hands, and body of victims, is a sealing gasket meant to contain pressure within the appliance. “The sealing gasket can be incorrectly inserted upside down on the lid which can allow the unexpected release of built-up pressure. This poses a risk of burns to the user or consumers nearby.”

The 35,600 affected units were sold by major retailers, including Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Best Buy, Macy’s, Williams Sonoma, and, from 2012 until as recently as October 2015. Those who own a Fast Slow Cooker are urged to cease use of the appliance immediately.

Burn Injuries Are Serious Injuries

It should be patently obvious that a kitchen appliance that randomly releases steam and heated liquid is an unreasonably unsafe and defective product. What might not be so obvious is the extent of damage that burn and scald injuries can cause. Second-degree burn injuries like those reported in connection with the Breville recall can cause tremendous pain, lead to infection, and may potentially result in nerve damage. Beyond the immediate physical consequences, treatment of and rehabilitation from second-degree burns can result in medical expenses, loss of wages, and additional expenses.

Whether burn injuries are caused by a defective product, a motor vehicle accident, defective premises, or other negligent or intentional acts of another, those who suffer may be entitled to compensation for their injuries and expenses. If you or a loved one have suffered a burn injury, call a Cleveland burn injury lawyer at Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA now for a free consultation.

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