Can an Ohio Personal Injury Lawyer Help With My Intentional Tort Claim?

November 7, 2015

Far more often than not, this blog discusses issues relating to negligence cases.  But every single day individuals suffer personal injuries and wrongful deaths due to the intentional—as opposed to negligent—actions of another. 

A recent, high-profile example of an intentional tort claim involves an Uber driver attacked by his passenger.  (Warning: Footage of the attack may be unsettling).  Incidents like these can result in significant physical, psychological, and financial injuries.  And, regardless of a defendant’s intention, when an individual suffers a personal injury he or she should seek out the counsel of a personal injury lawyer.

What Is the Difference Between a Negligence Action and an Intentional Tort Action?

Maintaining an intentional tort action is quite similar to maintaining a negligence action.  The intentional tort at issue in the action will have elements which must be proven at trial, and these elements are different than the elements that must be proven in a negligence case.  However, the methods for collecting evidence, deposing witnesses, negotiating settlements, and conducting a trial are all governed by the same rules in both a negligence action and an intentional tort action.  A dedicated personal injury attorney will have the experience and knowledge to represent a plaintiff suffering due to an intentional tort.

If You Are Injured By the Intentional Actions of Another, Contact an Ohio Personal Injury Lawyer

At Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA, personal injury law practice is not limited to car accidents, slips, medical malpractice, or product liability cases.  While our experienced trial attorneys can expertly handle your negligence claim, we also represent those who have suffered due to the intentional acts of others, including victims of:

  • Nursing Home Attacks
  • Workplace Attacks
  • Fraud
  • Assault/Battery
  • Employer Intentional Torts

Any wrongful action may serve as the basis of an intentional tort or negligence claim, therefore it is important that you contact an Ohio personal injury lawyer following an injury.  Call Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA today for a free telephone consultation.

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