$584,000 awarded to construction worker struck by construction vehicle

A Cuyahoga County jury awarded a $584,000 verdict to a construction worker who had been injured when he was struck by a construction vehicle. The verdict will be adjusted to reflect a finding of 30% fault on behalf of the worker. The case was tried by partners Ryan Fisher and Greg Scott.


27-Year-Old Sustained Catastrophic Brain Injury from Exercise Bar Receives Settlement

A 27 year old graduate student sustained a permanent, catastrophic brain injury when the Ontel Products Corporation’s Iron Gym exercise bar he was using to do pull-ups during breaks from studying fell from its mounting, sending him crashing to the floor and striking his head. Prior to trial, the parties settled for a confidential amount.


$550,000 for Injured Cyclist

$550,000 was awarded to a cyclist who suffered orthopedic injuries and who the police cited for being at fault for causing an accident with a passing motorist.


Highway Laborer Struck by Intoxicated Driver Coming from an Indians Games Receives $3.0 Million Settlement

While setting traffic barrels at a night time construction site, a laborer was struck by a car being driven by an intoxicated driver. The insurance companies of the driver, the construction company and the laborer’s employer were ultimately persuaded to resolve the laborer’s claims of brain injury and orthopaedic damages for approximately $3,000,000.

Mentally Challenged Group Home Residents, Police Officer Injured in a Fire Receive Seven-figure Settlement

Shortly before trial obtained a seven-figure settlement in a personal injury and wrongful death claim for three mentally challenged group home residents and a police officer who rescued them when an arsonist set fire to their group home. Lowe Scott Fisher was able to prove that the caretaker charged with supervising the three residents had negligently fallen asleep and was therefore unable to alert the residents of the home. The survivors were all badly burned.


Scrapyard Laborer Settles Claim for $5.0 Million against Equipment Manufacturer and Scrapyard Operator

While sorting metal at a scrapyard, a laborer lost both his legs above the ankles when he was struck by the bucket of an excavator. The excavator was defective due to an absence of motion alarms, and the operator was negligent for operating the equipment in a very small yard with the sun in his eyes.

Six-figure Settlement for Child’s Third Degree Burns Sustained due to Tipping Stove

Two year old plaintiff and his mom recovered a six-figure settlement from a landlord and an appliance retailer who failed to attach the anti-tip device to the stove. The two year old boy opened up the oven door and climbed on top of it in an attempt to reach the food cooking on the stove. Because the anti-tip device was not installed the stove tipped forward spilling hot oil on the child’s back causing third degree burns, hospitalization and skin grafts.


$4.3 Million Verdict for Truck Driver Severely Injured due to Defective Tanker Trailer Hatch Lid

Truck driver suffered severe permanent injuries, including blindness, when a defectively designed hatch lid on a tanker trailer failed to hold when under pressure, causing him to be drenched in hydrochloric acid.

$1 Million for Work-Related Traumatic Brain Injury

Lowe Scott Fisher recovered over $1,000,000 for a factory worker who suffered a traumatic brain injury because of the dangerous condition of the safety equipment in his plant.


Seven-figure Settlement for Family of Electrocuted Man

A significant seven-figure settlement was obtained for the family of a man who was fatally electrocuted while working with equipment that was supposed to be de-energized.