Inherently Dangerous Products Can Cause Major Injuries

July 17, 2018

For consumers, inherently dangerous products create a hazardous and often unknown risk of product liability injuries.  We expect businesses, manufacturers, and suppliers to provide safe, reliable, and tested products.  When they cut corners, it is innocent consumers who suffer. While not all product liability cases involve inherently dangerous products, many do.  Understanding how these products […]

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Class Action Product Liability Lawsuits: What You Should Know

July 7, 2018

When manufacturers or suppliers create products that cause the same types of injuries to numerous people, attorneys representing the injured plaintiffs may have reason to pursue a class action claim.  Class action lawsuits against product makers and sellers can be an effective tool for protecting innocent consumers against greedy, negligent, or fraudulent businesses. But making […]

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Consumer Protection: Product Liability Law in Action

June 16, 2018

Consumer protection is essential to preventing personal injuries and wrongful deaths.  Government agencies like the Consumer Product Safety Commission do fantastic work overseeing businesses and taking action when unsafe products enter the marketplace.  But, despite their efforts, consumers continue to suffer. The CPSC has existed for almost fifty years, and yet dangerous products, contaminated food, […]

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Ohio Liability Law: Who is Liable for Dangerous Products?

May 30, 2018

Liability law in Ohio allows people injured by a dangerous product to pursue legal action for their injuries.  But determining who may be held liable for dangerous products and the damages they cause is not always simple. Vehicles, appliances, tools, and other consumer products may cause injuries for a variety of reasons. Pursuing legal action […]

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Consumer Product Recalls and Product Liability Lawsuits

May 24, 2018

A quick scan of the latest recalls on the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website shows how frequently dangerous consumer products injure unsuspecting users.  Bicycles, cabinets, power tools, safety equipment, and so much more—practically every type of product imaginable has been subject to a recall because the product caused harm to consumers. As advocates for consumers, […]

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Defective Products and Personal Injuries: What You Need to Know

May 14, 2018

Defective products are put on the market all the time.  Sometimes this happens by accident.  Sometimes—more often than most people can imagine—it even happens on purpose.  When defective products are put in the hands of consumers, safety and lives are put at risk.  Companies that make big profits by selling unsafe goods cannot be allowed […]

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