Citing Potential Engine Failure during Operation, Major Auto Manufacturer Recalls 470,000 Sedans

September 26, 2015

Yesterday, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration publicly posted details of the latest in what is beginning to seem like an endless parade of automobile recalls in the U.S.  While not as large as the high-profile Takata air bag recall or the GM ignition switch recall, this recent recall covers nearly half a million vehicles from one of the manufacturer’s most popular models.

Hyundai Sonata Recall

The recall in question, initiated by Hyundai Motor America, covers approximately 470,000 Sonata sedans, model years 2011-2012, that are equipped with 2 and 2.4 liter gasoline engines.  According to the NHTSA’s recall summary, “In the affected vehicles, metallic debris may not have been fully removed during manufacturing of the engine crankshaft. If the debris was not completely removed, oil flow may be restricted through the connecting rod bearings, causing connecting rod damage. A worn connecting rod bearing will produce a metallic, cyclic knocking noise from the engine and possible engine failure.”

Importantly, engine failure can occur during operation of the vehicle, including operation at high speeds, creating a significant risk of crashes and accidents.  Owners, drivers, occupants, and others on the road are all threatened when an auto defect like this causes issues in a moving vehicle.

Auto Recalls Lead to Major Questions

With so many automobile recalls over the last several years, consumers are wondering what it will take for manufacturers to stop putting dangerous and defective vehicles on the road.  Unfortunately, profit-hungry companies would rather rush their vehicles onto the market and issue recalls only after their dangerous cars and trucks have put thousands or millions of lives at risk on the road.  In short, they put profits before safety, and it is consumers who ultimately suffer because of dangerous auto defects.

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