Cleveland Airbag Injury Lawyers: Is Another Major Airbag Recall On the Way?

July 24, 2015

Defective airbags have been all over the news during the past year, primarily due to the massive recall related to faulty airbag inflators manufactured by Takata Corp. and used in a wide range of popular automobiles.  Now, it seems possible that another major airbag recall may be on the way.

Is an ARC Airbag Recall Imminent?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has launched an investigation into inflators manufactured by ARC Automotive Inc. following reports of dangerous incidents similar to those involved in the Takata injuries.  In the first such report, an Ohio woman was claimed to have been injured when her vehicle’s airbag, which was equipped with an ARC inflator, launched metal shrapnel into the vehicle cabin when deployed.  No deaths have yet been linked to an ARC inflator defect, but injuries have been reported.

While the NHTSA initially concluded that the Ohio report was an isolated incident, the Administration has opened a new investigation of the ARC inflators following notification in June of a lawsuit stemming from another airbag rupture injury in New Mexico.

The investigation is currently focused on two specific vehicles equipped with ARC inflators: 2002 model year Fiat Chrysler Town and Country minivans; and 2004 model year Kia Optimas.

If You Have Been Injured by an ARC Inflator Equipped Airbag, Contact an Ohio Airbag Injury Lawyer

Those who suffer personal injuries due to ARC inflators may be entitled to compensation for their injuries, regardless of whether a recall occurs.  While Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA’s Ohio airbag injury lawyers will continue to monitor this situation closely, if you or a loved one have been injured you should contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible to protect your right to seek redress for your injuries.  Call (216) 781-2600 today to discuss your case.

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