Cleveland Car Accident Attorney Helps Protect Clients from Uninsured Motorists

February 27, 2014

In 2011, the State of Ohio charged 1.1 million drivers with driving without insurance, according to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and Cleveland car accident attorney Ryan Fisher. In fact, recent statistics indicate that one in eight licensed drivers in Ohio does not carry automobile liability insurance, a 60% increase from the previous decade and one of the highest uninsured motorists rates in the U.S.  Fisher revealed that when an uninsured driver in Ohio is involved in a crash, he or she is at fault 75% of the time.

“All too often we see innocent victims become catastrophically injured by negligent drivers who illegally fail to carry automobile insurance,” explained Fisher, a partner at Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA. “While there’s nothing we can do to physically prevent people from breaking the law and getting behind the wheel without adequate insurance, we strongly encourage our clients to protect themselves with underinsured and uninsured motorists (UM/UIM) coverage.”

According to Fisher, UM/UIM coverage is relatively inexpensive and financially protects policy owners and their family members (living in the same household) from damages and injuries caused by uninsured or underinsured drivers. In addition, it is illegal for an insurance company to raise an individual’s rates or cancel a policy for presenting this type of claim.

Even if the driver at fault is insured but lacks the coverage required to offset the victim’s injuries/damages, the victim’s uninsured motorists coverage protects the victim up to the limits of his or her own policy. For example, if a negligent driver carrying the state minimum automobile insurance of $12,500 causes catastrophic injuries to an individual or family member with underinsured motorist coverage of $500,000, the victim is entitled to collect up to $500,000 from his or her own insurance company.

Fisher and the other Cleveland car accident attorneys at Lowe Scott Fisher have many years of combined experience litigating cases against insurance companies for uninsured motorists coverage. “While we have had great success over the years obtaining the maximum compensation for our injured clients and will do everything we can to help, we want our clients to understand the importance of being proactive in securing adequate UM/UIM coverage to optimize the outcome of their case,” said Fisher.

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