Cleveland Construction Accident Attorneys Search for Answers

November 30, 2016

Construction accidents are among the most frequent, and most dangerous, injuries to employees and contractors in Ohio.  Falls, electrocutions, falling objects, collapsing structures, and unstable equipment can cause serious on-the-job injuries to even the most careful worker.  Because of the complexity of law and circumstances, an experienced Cleveland construction accident attorney will need to search for answers to ensure that construction site injuries are fully compensated.
Construction Accidents Can Involve Dangerous Injuries

About 1 in 5 worker deaths in the U.S. occur on construction sites, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.  Countless thousands of additional injuries occur every day, including traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, burns, broken and lost limbs, and cuts and lacerations.

A trusted Cleveland construction accident attorney can help injured individuals properly determine the full extent of the damages suffered to ensure that full compensation is pursued.  Knowledge of medical records, treatments, and long-term prospects are instrumental in establishing damages in a civil case.  For this reason, an attorney fighting for an injured worker or contractor should investigate all aspects of the medical effects of an injury.

Construction Accidents Can Involve Many People

Construction accidents are not limited to claims against an employer.  In fact, in most instances employers have protection from responsibility for construction site injuries due to Ohio workers’ compensation laws.  Typically, when a personal injury lawsuit is appropriate after a construction accident, other parties are to blame in whole or in part.

Construction accidents may occur because of a defective product or piece of machinery.  Accidents may also occur because of the negligent or intentional act of a third party.  Searching for who may be at fault is essential because so many different people or companies may be liable.

Construction Accidents Can Involve Complicated Facts

Construction accidents may involve multiple unsafe circumstances that combine to cause an injury.  Accidents may occur to an individual when no one is around to witness what happened.  Some accidents can occur when a worker’s own negligence is responsible for a portion of his or her injuries.

Like many complex personal injury cases, a construction site injury case requires in-depth review of a variety of evidence.  Site inspections, equipment review, schematics, and eyewitness testimony are just a few of the dozens of things that can reveal the truth underlying a worker’s injury.  Only by devoting significant time and energy to a factual investigation can an attorney fully represent an injured construction site accident client.

Your Cleveland Construction Accident Attorney Must Be Willing to Search for the Truth

With so much at stake for individuals and the families of those injured on the job, an effective Cleveland construction accident attorney must search for the whole truth in construction accident cases.  When choosing a lawyer, select someone who you know will fight for you both in court and while preparing your case.

The law firm of Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA has dedicated over three decades to representing construction and work site accident victims in Cleveland, Ohio, and across the nation.  Call now for a free consultation.

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