Cleveland Personal Injury Lawyer Reveals the Keys to Successful Class Action Lawsuits

February 27, 2014

For more than 35 years, Cleveland personal injury attorney James Lowe has been advocating for victims and their families. As a partner at Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA, Lowe has the specialized expertise required to protect the rights of groups of individuals who are seriously wronged or injured and prosecute successful class action lawsuits.

In comparison with individual lawsuits, class action lawsuits provide the following benefits to class members:
  • They involved the least expense, the least effort, and the least involvement on the part of the class members.
  • While they may take a long time to get resolved, these cases often result in an outcome that benefits the victims significantly more than an individual lawsuit.
  • Since there is proven strength in numbers, class action members have a much better chance of success when they are members of a larger class of individuals who have sustained a similar loss.
  • The defendant has a much greater motive to settle a class action lawsuit because he or she stands to lose much more money than from an individual lawsuit.

To build a favorable class action case, the plaintiffs must meet three requirements: numerosity, typicality, and commonality. Numerosity means that there are too many members in the class to include each person individually in the lawsuit. Typicality and commonality are closely related since they both require that each individual involved in the case has a similar claim resulting from a common set of circumstances.

“In addition to analyzing the nature of the class action case, the court must decide whether or not the class will be adequately represented by the lawyers and law firms involved,” explained Lowe. “That’s why it’s so important to look for a Cleveland personal injury firm with experienced attorneys who have been qualified by a court in the past. By hiring lawyers with a proven track record in class action lawsuits and litigation in general, this will maximize your chances of a successful outcome.”

To learn more about class action lawsuits, watch the video:

Since 1976, the award-winning trial attorneys at Lowe Scott Fisher have successfully represented people in the areas of motor vehicle accidents, automobile product safety, personal injury, home and workplace safety, medical malpractice, and birth injuries, as well as families of victims of wrongful death. U.S. News & World Report named the firm to its “Best Law Firms” list (2010-2012), while lawyers from the firm were again honored as Ohio Super Lawyers for 2012.

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