Does Marijuana Cause Car Accidents?

October 31, 2015

With a marijuana legalization issue on the Ohio ballot next week, many are thinking about the potential consequences of marijuana use in our state.  While we will leave it to the voters to decide the issue, one fact that will remain true regardless of the outcome is that marijuana use can result in personal injuries.

Can Smoking Marijuana Cause Car Accidents?

Yes.  Marijuana can have a number of effects on users, including slowed reaction time, dizziness, and disorientation.  If a driver gets behind the wheel under the influence of marijuana, the results can be deadly.  According to the most recent report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drivers under the influence of marijuana are 25% more likely to be involved in car accidents than drug-free drivers.  Past studies have put the danger of marijuana-related crashes even higher.

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Like drunk driving accidents, accidents caused by drivers who are high can lead to disastrous consequences for others on the road.  Innocent drivers, passengers, bicyclists, and pedestrians are injured each year in Ohio due to the negligence of drug or alcohol-using motorists.   

How Can a Cleveland Car Accident Lawyer Help Me?

If you or a loved one were injured in a motor vehicle accident and you suspect that the other driver was under the influence of marijuana, you should contact a car accident attorney immediately.  Regardless of the outcome of Issue 3 this November, driving under the influence is, and will remain, illegal, and those injured by a high or drunk driver may be entitled to compensation for their injuries.  Driving while intoxicated is negligent, puts lives at risk, and should not be tolerated.

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