Drowsy Driving a Serious Danger for Ohio Motorists

June 10, 2014

Over the weekend, the dangerous phenomenon known as drowsy driving gained national attention after a truck driver and Wal-Mart employee allegedly caused a fatal crash.  According to prosecutors, the driver had not slept in over twenty-four hours at the time of the crash, which left one dead and comedian Tracy Morgan in critical condition.

While everyone knows that driving under the influence causes countless motor vehicle accidents, many people remain unaware of the dangers posed by drowsy driving.  The risks, however, are startling.  According to the CDC, “Cognitive impairment after approximately 18 hours awake is similar to that of someone with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.05%.  After about 24 hours awake, impairment is equivalent to a BAC of 0.10%, higher than the legal limit in all states.”  In other words, if you drive without adequate sleep, you may be more of a threat behind the wheel than someone who is legally intoxicated.

Do not take drowsy driving lightly.  In 2013, there were over 2,700 accidents involving sleeping/fatigued drivers in Ohio alone.  If you are taking a lengthy trip, remember to plan ahead by alternating driving shifts with your passenger or, if you are traveling alone, booking a hotel room.

While non-commercial drivers need to be careful about driving while fatigued, the reality is that many or most fatigued drivers are truck drivers.  Facing harsh deadlines and schedules, truckers often push themselves to the brink for their employers.  But when these dangerous practices cause personal injury or death to innocent drivers, truck drivers and their employers must be held accountable for their negligence.  Among other things, an experienced truck accident attorney will know how to examine driver logs and engine reports to determine if the driver responsible for your accident may have been driving while fatigued.

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