Fairport Harbor Gas Explosions

February 27, 2014

On January 23, 2011 the lives of dozens of our fellow northeastern Ohioans living in Fairport Harbor were forever changed when a series of natural gas explosions and fires resulted in the complete loss of dozens of homes and apartments. In addition to the damaged real estate, dozens of residents were evacuated and many people lost all of their personal belongings.

If you are one of those unfortunate people it is likely you are deserving of compensation for the damages you have sustained.

While the investigation into the gas explosions is just beginning it is likely the future for the victims of this disaster will face a maze of insurance issues, governmental and bureaucratic red tape, finger pointing and denials of insurance coverage and liability. Undoubtedly this disaster should never have happened.

The trial lawyers at Lowe Scott Fisher have the skill, experience and resources to hold those people, officials and companies accountable for the damages they have caused to the innocent victims. Lowe Scott Fisher is a recognized leader in the area municipal liability, negligence, product liability and class action litigation. Lowe Scott Fisher has helped clients obtain tens of millions of dollars in settlements and trials throughout the United States.

If you or a loved one has been damaged as a result of the natural gas explosions in Fairport Harbor please contact us as soon as possible. Rest assured the responsible parties are doing whatever they can to protect themselves from liability – the victims must protect themselves as well, by acting just as quickly to preserve the evidence necessary to prosecute their claims and hold them accountable.

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