How Dangerous is Laminate Flooring? What Customers Need to Know

February 27, 2016

Many readers will remember a widely-publicized story from March 2015 investigating the link between several incidences of cancer and laminate flooring sold by popular retailer Lumber Liquidators. That report exposed the risks created by Lumber Liquidators’ use and sale of Chinese-manufactured laminate flooring that contained dangerous levels of formaldehyde, a chemical the CDC has confirmed can cause eye, nose, and throat irritation in the short term, and cancer in the long term.

Exactly How Dangerous is Laminate Flooring?

The reason the topic of laminate flooring is back in the news is that the CDC has released a revised health effect report indicating that the estimated risk of developing cancer as a result of exposure to dangerous laminate flooring is approximately 3 times as high as previously thought. An earlier report placed the risk of cancer at an estimated 2-9 cases per 100,000. That estimate has been revised upward to 6-30 cases per 100,000.

What Can Customers and Homeowners with Lumber Liquidators Laminate Flooring Do?

While Lumber Liquidators stopped selling the flooring in question last year after the investigative report was aired, it has not offered customers compensation for abatement or replacement measures according to reports. Since the danger of formaldehyde in laminate flooring occurs when the chemical permeates the air and is inhaled, an air quality check should be performed by a trained professional. In addition, the EPA recommends improving ventilation, using a humidifier, and maintaining a moderate in-home temperature. Even if customers follow these recommendations, however, it is easy to see why many would still feel uneasy living in an environment where they and their families are breathing contaminated air.

When Consumers Are Injured, They Should Contact an Ohio Product Safety Lawyer

Whether you are an individual seeking compensation for your medical bills or you are one of many families seeking recompense for the cost of replacing this dangerous flooring, know that Ohio law provides you the right to pursue legal action against manufacturers and suppliers of unsafe products. Call an Ohio product safety lawyer at Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA now.

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