How to Hire a Cleveland Accident Attorney

October 17, 2016

If you have been injured in an accident, finding the right attorney is essential.  A skilled Cleveland accident attorney can guide you through the complex and trying times that follow a life-altering personal injury.


Frequently, this means more than merely negotiating an insurance settlement or representing you in court.  It may also mean providing guidance on matters of treatment for your injuries, loss of employment, disability benefits, and the many other difficult personal consequences of sustaining a personal injury.

With so much on the line, you may want to remember a few easy tips to help ensure that your accident attorney is the right attorney for you.

Tips for Hiring a Cleveland Accident Attorney

Tip #1: Remember That You Are Doing the Hiring

Throughout the process of choosing and retaining an attorney, remember that you are not obligated to hire an attorney simply because you have spoken to them over the phone or come to their office for a consultation.  As you speak to a prospective attorney, it is okay to heed warning signs.

Perhaps you feel unheard during your consultation.  Perhaps something they say causes you to question their experience handling your specific type of case.  Perhaps they miss your appointment without calling to let you know.

As a prospective client, you have the right to find legal counsel who will represent you diligently, treat you fairly, and communicate clearly and regularly with you about your claim.  If for any reason you feel that your prospective attorney cannot do these things, then contact another attorney who may better represent you.  You are doing the hiring!

Tip #2: Fully Research Your Options

Many people choose a Cleveland accident attorney based on the recommendation of a friend.  Others may rely on advertisements.  Others still may trust a Google search.

All of these methods of finding a lawyer are useful, but none of them should be the end of your research.  If you have an attorney in mind, check them out.  Lawyers often post about successful cases on their websites and blogs.  While these past successes do not guarantee success in your case, this information can help you understand the types of areas in which they specialize and the manner of their practice.

Additionally, the Supreme Court of Ohio has a searchable database of all Ohio attorneys.  This can provide information about whether the attorney you are considering has faced any disciplinary action, including sanctions relating to poor treatment of, or performance for, past clients.

Tip #3: Dare to Compare

After you have researched one attorney as described above, research another.  Even if you believe you have found the gold standard for all Cleveland accident attorneys on your first try, you owe it to yourself to see how he or she stacks up against your other options.

Once more: you are doing the hiring.  Even if you received an excellent application for a position in your business, you would still read the other applications just to be certain.  The same applies when you are vetting prospective attorneys.

Tip #4: Call, Meet, Decide

Once you have selected your ideal attorney, call their office and speak to them about your claim.  Even if all goes well, withhold judgment until you follow up with an in-person consultation.  Do not be afraid to ask questions.

Will the attorney you are meeting with handle your case, or will it be handled by another attorney at the firm?  What is their expectation about the course of your claim?  Have they handled similar matters, and if so how frequently?  What are the terms of their proposed fee agreement?

Only after these questions (and any other questions you might have) have been answered should you hire a Cleveland accident attorney.

A Cleveland Accident Attorney Can Assist You Now

For over thirty years, the law firm of Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA has helped those injured in Cleveland, Ohio, and throughout the country.  Our team of trial attorneys is dedicated to providing client-first representation to achieve the best result for your personal injury claim.

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