How Will a Personal Injury Lawyer Evaluate My Case?

September 12, 2015

On this blog, we frequently discuss what will happen after an individual has retained a personal injury lawyer.  These topics are important, but it is also helpful for individuals to understand—at least on a very basic level—the types of things that a personal injury lawyer may consider when determining whether any action should be taken to seek compensation for a personal injury victim.  Below, we discuss the three broad areas that an Ohio personal injury lawyer will likely consider when evaluating your case.

Legal Liability

When evaluating any personal injury case, an attorney will first consider who may be legally liable for any injuries that occurred. Examining the specific facts of a case, an attorney will determine both the potentially responsible parties (which can include one or more individuals or businesses) and the likelihood that some amount of comparative negligence may be attributed to the personal injury victim.


An essential element in any personal injury is damages.  For that reason, when an individual seeks counsel from a personal injury attorney they should expect fairly extensive questions relating to the actual injuries that resulted from the accident or event in question.  Ohio personal injury lawyers will typically seek information regarding not only physical injuries, but also medical bills, lost wages, psychological damages, and detrimental effects on an injured party’s lifestyle that occur as a result of the accident.

Business Factors

Personal injury lawyers are in the business of helping victims, but as businesses they must frequently make decisions based on economic calculations.  In evaluating legal liability and damages, a particular case may be viable but potentially difficult to win; or, sometimes, a case may appear likely to go in the injured party’s favor, but the potential recovery for the damages suffered simply does not outweigh the cost of filing and pursuing the action.  To be clear, this is not the norm and injured victims should not be discouraged from seeking the help of an attorney after suffering a personal injury.  But injured individuals should be aware that business factors may, in some situations, make filing a legal action undesirable.

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If you or a loved one were injured, seek the advice of an Ohio personal injury lawyer.  Each case is different, and only an experienced attorney can provide the guidance and counsel necessary to obtain the compensation you deserve.

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