ICYMI: IKEA Recalls Another 1 Million+ Dangerous Products

March 12, 2016

In January, a post appeared on this blog highlighting the numerous, high-volume recalls and consumer alerts issued by IKEA over the past year and a half. As if to emphasize the contention of that post—that IKEA has a frightening track record of selling dangerous products—IKEA issued yet another recall barely two weeks later.

IKEA Ceiling Lamp Recall

The latest IKEA recall was issued for approximately 1.27 million HYBY and LOCK ceiling lamps (840,000 of which were sold in the United States; the remaining lamps were available in Canada). The products in question include a glass shade that attaches to the ceiling lamp housing with plastic clips. There have thus far been 224 reports worldwide of the plastic clips breaking, causing the glass shade to fall. 11 injuries have been reported and the manufacturer is warning of a laceration hazard to anyone who is struck by the falling glass.

The recall states that anyone using the defective ceiling lamps should stop using and uninstall them immediately.

IKEA Is One of Many Businesses That Put Profits Before Safety

With repeated recalls like those issued by IKEA or large-scale recalls like the ever-expanding Takata airbag situation, it becomes a much simpler task for Cleveland product liability lawyers like those at Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA to expose the truth about manufacturers who put profits ahead of consumer safety. It is not difficult to imagine that a sturdier fastener could have eliminated the risk of consumers sustaining cuts and lacerations, just as using more stable propellants in Takata airbags may have saved lives. But these measures would have affected the bottom line.

When businesses put their profits before the safety of consumers, consumers need to know that they can fight back. Those injured by defective products may be entitled to compensation under Ohio law. Contact a Cleveland product liability lawyer at Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA today to discuss your claim.

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