Inexperience the Leading Cause of Ohio Boating Accidents

July 28, 2015

Earlier this month, a boating accident on the Ohio River that left three dead brought national attention to the issue of boating safety.  As with automobile accidents, stricter regulations and technological advancements have improved the overall survival rate of those injured in Ohio boating accidents compared to previous decades.  Unfortunately, many in Ohio continue to suffer injury and death due to boating crashes every year.

Ohio Boating Accident Statistics

The Ohio Department of Wildlife Services Division of Watercraft reported a total of 140 boating accidents in 2013, 13 of which involve fatalities and 41 of which resulted in injuries.  The good news is that the number of fatalities per registered boat has dropped roughly 90% over the past forty years.  But, alarmingly, a full 15% of accidents occurred because of operator inexperience—the most common cause of boating accidents.

Operator inexperience likewise was responsible for more fatalities than any other reported cause.  When combined with operator inattention, alcohol use, and passenger behavior, more than half of Ohio’s boating accident fatalities were due to human error that could likely have been easily avoided.

Ohio Boating Accident Lawyers’ Warning: July and August are Especially Dangerous

According to the ODWS DW, July and August are particular dangerous months for Ohio boaters, likely due to the high volume of traffic on our state’s lakes and waterways.  While it can be fun to enjoy a day on Lake Erie or one of the other great local lakes or rivers, it is imperative that operators are properly trained, and that all passengers take adequate safety precautions when on the water.  Restrict alcohol use, do not permit inexperienced friends or family members to operate your vessel, and pay attention at all times.

Boating Accident Injuries Can Destroy Lives

Even the most experienced and vigilant boaters share the water with those who may operate their watercraft negligently.  For this reason, accidents and injuries can and do occur.  If you or a loved one were injured in an Ohio boating accident, contact Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA today to discuss your case.

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