New Study Exposes Long-Term Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury

April 4, 2015

As we have discussed many times on this blog, one of the most serious types of injury we encounter as Cleveland personal injury lawyers is traumatic brain injury.  Traumatic brain injury (“TBI”) occurs when a head injury disrupts the functioning of the brain.  These disruptions can often be life-shattering, resulting in memory loss, loss of cognitive function, or even comas.  According to a new study appearing in this month’s Annals of Neurology, even cases of TBI that appear to be relatively minor can cause significant long-term damage.

While strictly speaking TBI is never a minor injury given the organ involved, TBI often results in injuries or issues such as moodiness, mood swings, or difficulty concentrating—effects that, while serious and arduous for victims, appear at first glance to be less significant than loss of memory or cognitive function.  But even these instances of TBI carry the risk of causing the brain to age more rapidly due to the sustained trauma.

According to the leader of the TBI study, “Traumatic brain injury is not a static event. It can set off secondary processes, possibly related to inflammation, that can cause more damage in the brain for years afterwards, and may contribute to the development of Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.”  Following TBI, victims’ brains can change in structure as a result of their injuries.  The Annals of Neurology study suggests that a single instance of TBI can cause an average brain to age five years beyond its actual age.

As Cleveland personal injury lawyers, we see TBI in a wide variety of personal injury cases.  Nursing home injuries, motor vehicle accidents, assaults, and even product liability cases often involve victims who have sustained TBI.  If you or a loved one have sustained a traumatic brain injury, you need the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer.

The law firm of Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA has decades of experience investigating and ascertaining the full extent of our clients’ traumatic brain injuries.  Our skilled team is here to assist you in the aftermath of a TBI, and help you receive the compensation that you deserve.  Call us today for a free consultation.

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