ODPS Releases 2014 Ohio Traffic Crash Facts Report

May 16, 2015

The Ohio Department of Public Safety this week released the 2014 Ohio Traffic Crash Facts, the Department’s annual report of state traffic accident statistics.  While the latest report does not appear to contain any alarming changes from previous years, it does indicate that Ohio motor vehicle accidents continue to increase steadily over time.  Total Ohio crashes rose in 2014 to 282,368, up from 269,079 in 2013.

Cleveland Auto Accident Lawyer Breakdown of 2014 Ohio Traffic Crash Facts for the Greater Cleveland Area

Traffic crashes in both Cleveland and Cuyahoga County continued to rise along with accidents across the state.  Crashes in Cleveland rose 4.5%, while accidents countywide were up a slimmer 1.9%.

In a bit of good news, alcohol-related crashes in Cuyahoga County dipped slightly in 2014.  Nevertheless, a significant number of alcohol-related injuries occurred last year and the perils of drunk driving continue to threaten the lives of Ohio motorists.  Similarly, traffic crashes involving distracted driving held relatively steady.  While Ohio drivers should be thankful that there was not an increase in distracted driving related crashes, the roughly 7,000 accidents involving distracted drivers is much too high and reflects the continuing dangers of dialing, emailing, and texting while driving.

Readers can check out the detailed report here for comprehensive details regarding traffic crashes by cause, county, and city.

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