Ohio Experiences Highest Increase in Risk of Pedestrian Traffic Fatalities

March 12, 2016

A new report issued by the Governors Highway Safety Association projects an approximately 10% increase of pedestrian traffic fatalities nationwide in 2015. The preliminary data reported by the GHSA is based on deaths occurring only in the first half of the year, but if projections hold the 10% increase will be the highest year-to-year increase since the data has been collected.

But the news is even more alarming for Ohioans. The increase in Ohio pedestrian traffic fatalities from 2014 to 2015 was 124%, higher than any other state.

Ohio Pedestrian Injuries and Fatalities Are on the Rise

Not only did Ohio’s 124% increase top any other state, but the actual number of additional fatalities over the prior year also, unfortunately, led every other state. With an increase of 31 pedestrian deaths related to traffic accidents, Ohio saw a greater actual increase than even the most populous states like California and New York. While this is certainly cause for concern, residents of this state can take some comfort in the fact that the number of Ohio pedestrian traffic fatalities per 100,000 population is among the lowest in the country.

GHSA Cites Distracted Driving as One Factor Leading to Increased Pedestrian Deaths

The subject of pedestrian injuries and fatalities is not new to this blog, and the GHSA’s report only bolsters what Cleveland auto accident lawyers have been saying for some time. Distracted driving, and specifically driving while using a smart device or other electronic equipment, poses a danger to everyone on the road, especially pedestrians. While it is reasonable to assume (as the GHSA does) that low gas prices and the resulting increased miles driven had an effect on the rise in pedestrian traffic fatalities, study after study has demonstrated that distracted driving has become one of the most significant causes of automobile accidents, pedestrian fatalities, and personal injuries in the Cleveland area and throughout the U.S.

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