Ohio Motorcycle Accidents in 2016

November 15, 2016

Ohio motorcycle accidents have risen steadily over the past two years and, if current trends continue, 2016 may be one of the most dangerous years for Ohio motorcyclists. 


Due to a wide variety of factors, the frequent and often deadly motorcycle injuries that occur as the result of negligent driving can lead to complex and unique litigation issues.  With accidents and injuries on the rise, it is important than ever that motorcyclists understand how their cases are different from ordinary motor vehicle cases, and why they need an experienced attorney following a motorcycle crash.

What Makes Ohio Motorcycle Accidents Different Than Other Motor Vehicle Accidents?

Motorcycle crashes and accidents can require a working knowledge of complex injuries, product liability issues, technical analysis, and more, even in the most mundane of motorcycle injury cases.  For this reason, when choosing a personal injury attorney, it is important to find counsel who you are confident understands the ins and outs of your particular case. 

To better understand why motorcycle accidents should only be handled by qualified Ohio motorcycle injury lawyers, below are some of the things that tend to make a motorcycle accident case different than other motor vehicle cases.

The Injuries Are Different

It is likely no surprise that a higher percentage of Ohio motorcycle accidents result in injury or death than other passenger vehicle crashes.  Contributing factors like the lack of a protective cabin, the relatively low visibility of a smaller vehicle, average driver age, and average driving speed add up to dangerous prospects for motorcyclists.

In 2015, 79% of motorcycle accidents in Ohio resulted in injury or death.  Compare this to the only 26% chance of injury or death in other passenger vehicle crashes. 

These more frequent injuries are often more severe and require more long-term care and planning.  Motorcycle accidents can cause traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, loss of limbs, scarring, and sever burns.  When these injuries occur, experienced counsel can provide the necessary understanding and advice to deal with ongoing treatment needs, settlement structuring, provision of medical experts, and obtaining disability benefits.

The Settlement Negotiations are Different

In 2016, insurance companies know that juries are often hard on motorcyclist plaintiffs.  The unfortunate truth is that a few bad apples cause many individuals to view all motorcyclists as risk-takers, even when a motorcyclist involved in a particular case does nothing wrong.  For this reason, it is crucial that motorcyclists get a seasoned lawyer who knows how to handle a settlement negotiation in a motorcycle case.

Insurance representatives notoriously try to lowball injured motorcyclists.  Many insurance companies operate on the mistaken belief that personal injury attorneys do not want to risk taking a motorcycle accident case to trial in front of a jury prejudiced against motorcycle riders. 

With an experienced Ohio motorcycle accident lawyer, like those at Lowe Scott Fisher, plaintiffs can be confident that they will not be bullied by an insurance company looking to pay less than what they owe.  Understanding the specifics of motorcycle accident litigation and always being ready to proceed to trial if necessary are essential to a successful motorcycle accident case.

The Trials are Different

It has already been said that motorcycle cases are complex.  This is especially true through the eyes of the juror.  With so many preconceived notions about motorcycles and motorcyclists, jurors often need great assistance to understand a motorist’s actions or maneuvers at a motorcycle accident trial.

Motorcycle injury lawyers know that patience and clear explanation are necessary to win over the jury and get plaintiffs the compensation they deserve.  This means a working knowledge of the mechanics and practices of riding a motorcycle, and an ability to translate this unique experience into language that the layman understands.  A difficult task for the uninitiated, but a standard part of practice among experienced motorcycle accident lawyers.

Your Ohio Motorcycle Accidents Attorneys Should be Different

When it comes to motor vehicle accidents, not all accidents are the same.  Neither are all lawyers.  When hiring an attorney, make sure he or she has the experience necessary to achieve the right result for you.  For more information, download our white paper by clicking the image below.

Click here to download our motorcycle accident infographic.

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