Ohio Product Liability Lawyers Investigating Can-Am Spyder Injuries

May 2, 2015

Following the recent recall of more than 5,000 Can-Am Spyder motorcycles, Ohio product liability lawyers Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA are investigating potential claims involving defective Can-Am vehicles.  The recall, which covers the Can-Am Spyder RT 2013, cites engine overheating issues that can cause the defective vehicles to catch fire.  While the recent recall is limited to 2013 models, there have been several prior Spyder recalls.  In fact, last year federal safety regulators began probing 2008-2014 Spyder three-wheeled motorcycles following similar reports of the vehicles catching fire.

Drivers and riders of dective Can-Am Spyder models are at risk of serious bodily injury and even death.  Vehicle fires by themselves pose an extreme danger to riders and drivers.  When a defective vehicle bursts into flames, victims may be burned or thrown from the vehicle.  Coupled with the potential for a subsequent motor vehicle accident caused by the loss of control of the burning motorcycle, defective Can-Am Spyders create a serious risk of harm to everyone on the road.

Even in cases where a defective Can-Am Spyder does not catch fire, potential burn injuries may occur when a driver or rider contacts the overheating engine compartment.  The sudden pain of a serious burn injury may lead to loss of control of the vehicle, creating a risk to both riders and other motorists.  In light of the extreme safety risks, owners of recalled Can-Am Spyders are urged not to drive these vehicles until a suitable remedy can be developed and/or applied.

As Ohio product liability lawyers, Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA believes that drivers, riders, and other motorists deserve better from motor vehicle manufacturers.  Businesses that cut corners and put unreasonably dangerous products on the market must be held accountable for their negligence.

If you or a loved one were injured due to a defective Can-Am Spyder or other motorcycle, contact Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA‘s Ohio product liability lawyers today for a free consultation.

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