Ohio Wrongful Death Attorney Advocates for Victims and Their Families

February 27, 2014

Since he was admitted to practice law in the State of Ohio in 1982, Ohio wrongful death attorney Mark Wakefield has been an advocate for individuals who are injured and for families whose loved ones are killed by the fault of others. As a partner at Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA, he helps clients affected by industrial and automobile accidents fully understand their legal rights and obtain the maximum compensation for their injury and/or loss.

In the early stages of Wakefield’s career, he began handling a large number of wrongful death cases. These cases require a specific level of expertise for two reasons:

  • The cases have to be developed without communicating with the most reliable source of information concerning an accident: the person who was injured. In a wrongful death case, all the facts have to be developed from the scene of the accident, the product or vehicle involved, and, if available, witnesses to the accident.
  • Ohio wrongful death cases carry an extra level of scrutiny because before any resolution is reached, either by verdict or settlement, a Probate Court needs to review and approve the work of the attorney.

“My legal expertise in wrongful death cases is especially useful In Northeast Ohio where many factories and blue collar shops still exist,” explained Wakefield. “Large pieces of machinery, when poorly designed or maintained, can inflict catastrophic harm, including death, on innocent operators. In order to maximize compensation for grieving families, many local workers’ compensation lawyers have turned to our firm to handle wrongful death cases arising from a variety of industrial settings and other accidents.”

In addition to handling industrial accidents, Wakefield and his partners are experienced in litigating wrongful death cases related to automobile accidents. While most attorneys only look to traditional car insurance to provide compensation, Wakefield and his team take the extra step to determine if the design of the car caused the wrongful death of the driver or occupant, or if there is some other type of insurance beyond the traditional automobile insurance required in the State of Ohio to compensate the bereaved family.

Highly sensitive to the needs of his clients, Wakefield is knowledgeable about the procedural and substantive aspects of wrongful death cases required to fight against major manufacturers, automobile insurance companies and international corporations. Pursuit of these types of wrongful death cases has permitted Wakefield and his firm to obtain tens of millions of dollars in compensation for families who would have otherwise obtained limited, if any, recovery as a result of the negligent acts of others.

Wakefield graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from St. Lawrence University in 1977. He went on to attend law school at Case Western Reserve University School of Law and graduated in 1982. Wakefield currently lives in Bainbridge, Ohio with his wife and 13-year-old daughter.

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