Payment of Medical Treatment Costs for Workplace Injuries

July 19, 2018

Unexpected medical bills can be a serious financial burden in any circumstance.  When an injury leaves you unable to work, the costs of medical treatments can seem insurmountable.  Fortunately for Ohio’s workers, if an injury occurs on the job financial assistance may be available in the form of workers’ compensation.

Ohio’s workers’ compensation program allows those injured in work-related accidents to receive temporary or permanent assistance for lost wages.  More importantly for many injured workers, workers’ compensation benefits may be available to cover the pricey medical treatment costs that come from suffering workplace injuries.

What Medical Treatment is Covered?

Following a determination that an individual’s injury occurred during the scope of their employment, the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation will authorize workers’ compensation for any expenses that are reasonable and necessary to treat workplace injuries.  Treatment and expenses covered can vary greatly, but workers should expect to receive compensation for all necessary:

  • Surgery
  • Medication
  • Doctor Visits
  • Hospital Care
  • Tests, X-Rays, Scans, Etc.

Because medical treatment can be ongoing, workers can also submit claims for expenses related to ongoing treatment, including:

  • Rehabilitation
  • Physical Therapy
  • Travel Expenses Relating to Treatment

Why a Workers’ Compensation Attorney May be Right for You

While workers are free to pursue workers’ compensation for themselves, a high percentage of injured workers have their claims denied.  Even when there is no dispute as to the injury being work-related, injured employees may have their claims for medical treatment expenses denied as being unnecessary or unreasonable, or improperly filed, or for any number of other reasons.

An experienced workers’ compensation attorney like those of Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA can help you file and support your claim so that you present the clearest and most persuasive case for fast and full compensation.  While you focus on your health and recovery, our team can coordinate your healthcare, manage your records, assemble a full and verified record of your financial losses and outlooks, and present your case to the BWC.

If you have already had your claim denied, an attorney may be able to overcome your denial and help you recover the assistance to which you are entitled.  Many injured workers like you are wrongly deprived of benefits because of mistakes, omissions, or inexperience.  Do not be afraid to ask for help.

Additional Benefits May Be Available

Medical expenses are just one component of Ohio workers’ compensation benefits.  Injured individuals may also be entitled to compensation for lost or reduced wages.  Both temporary and permanent workplace injuries and conditions are eligible for wage-loss benefits as long as the injury is work-related.  Your attorney can discuss your full measure of benefits eligibility depending on the specific facts of your workers’ compensation claim.

Ohio Workers’ Compensation Benefits Lawyers

If you or a loved one suffered a work-related injury, illness, or medical condition, your medical treatment expenses may be covered under Ohio’s worker’s compensation.  Call or email Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA now for your free consultation.

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