Profits Before Safety: General Motors’ Recent Recall and Manufacturers’ Cavalier Attitude Toward Consumer Well-Being

April 17, 2014

As we have previously discussed, motor vehicle accidents are not uncommon in Ohio.  Thousands of auto accidents occur each month and hundreds of thousands of accidents each year.  Much of the time, these accidents are the result of negligent driving or unsafe road conditions.  All too often, though, motor vehicle accidents occur as the result of auto defects that easily could have been prevented.

GM’s recent, highly-publicized recall of 2.6 million vehicles* provides an all-too-familiar example of just how little automobile manufacturers care about drivers like you.  GM used defective ignition switches in its vehicles despite having designed an effective alternative in 2001–a full thirteen years before the recall.  Unfortunately, GM’s decision to release a defective product into the market has, by GM’s own acknowledgement, been linked to at least 13 deaths.  In a letter to GM’s CEO, consumer advocates from the Center for Auto Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have made clear where they place the blame: “General Motors picked a smaller and cheaper ignition switch that cost consumers their lives and saved General Motors money.”

Through years of representing plaintiffs in auto defect cases, we have seen up close the loss and devastation that occurs when manufacturers cut corners.  Putting safety second to profits is unacceptable.  Ohio consumers have the right to expect that the vehicles (or, for that matter, any products) they purchase are reasonably safe.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident and you suspect that a defective automobile component is to blame, contact an experienced attorney to determine whether the manufacturer may be liable for your injuries.

Serving clients in Ohio and nationwide, the auto defect attorneys at Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA are available to discuss your case.  For a free telephone consultation, call (216) 781-2600.

*2005-2010 Chevrolet Cobalt, 2006-2011 Chevrolet HHR, 2007-2010 Pontiac G5, 2006-2010 Pontiac Solstice, 2003-2007 Saturn Ion, and 2007-2010 Saturn Sky vehicles

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