Spring Driving Tips To Help You Avoid Vehicle Accidents

spring driving tips to help avoid vehicle accidents April 14, 2023

Spring has finally arrived and now is the perfect time to start thinking about getting out of the house and embarking on a road trip. Unfortunately, spring also presents a few unique driving challenges that can lead to serious injuries and accidents. Below are some tips to help you avoid vehicle accidents on the road this season:

Watch out for potholes: After a long winter, the roads in Northeast Ohio are often damaged by plows and salt, which can create potholes. Potholes can be very dangerous and often cause extensive damage to cars and trucks, especially if they are deep or hidden by water. Unexpected potholes can cause cars to veer off course into other vehicles, objects, and even nearby pedestrians. It is important to slow down and try to avoid driving over potholes whenever possible to avoid causing serious vehicle accidents.

Be prepared for rain: Spring is known for rainy weather, and according to a study by the North Carolina Institute for Climate Studies, rain can increase the likelihood of a fatal accident by around 34%. Lessen your risk of injury by installing working windshield wipers and good tires to help you see and stop in wet conditions. Increase your following distance from other vehicles from the recommended 3 seconds to 5 or 6 seconds to allow for more stop time in slippery conditions and slow down to give yourself more time to react appropriately if things go wrong.

Beware of glare: In the same way that rain can drastically affect visibility, so too can sun glare. Because the sun can be particularly bright in the spring, especially during the morning and late afternoon, be sure to wear sunglasses and use your sun visor to reduce glare and improve visibility.

Watch for pedestrians, motorcycles, and cyclists: Pedestrian injuries and deaths account for more than 17% of vehicle accident victims in the United States. As the weather warms up, more people will be outside walking and biking. Be extra cautious when driving near crosswalks and bike lanes, and always make sure to keep an eye out for motorcycles.

Check for wildlife: Animals, such as deer, are much more active during the spring and summer months. Since 2017 alone, more than 100,000 vehicle accidents have been caused by deer in Ohio. The deer population in Ohio is also not limited to rural and forested areas – these animals can be found in urban settings as well. Be sure to watch for wildlife at all times, particularly in the late afternoon and evening.

Plan for longer trips: Spring brings warmer weather and warmer weather means more people on the road traveling and enjoying themselves. This also increases the likelihood of traffic accidents and injuries due to congested roads. In order to improve safety, slow down and allocate more time for your trips to avoid accidents. 

Beware of construction zones: Spring is a common time for road construction, which means more obstacles and hazards on the road, including on-site construction workers, lane closures, and detours. Pay attention to road signs and slow down in construction zones to avoid accidents.

By following these tips, you can help ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable driving experience during the spring season.

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