Spring Home Improvement Injuries: Who May Be Liable?

March 31, 2016

Defective Products Can Make Home Improvement Projects Dangerous

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Though the Ohio weather has certainly been uneven this year, residents around the Greater Cleveland area have been fortunate enough to get quite a few sunny days. Many of us have taken advantage of this weather to start working on outdoor improvements and landscaping projects.

Whether pruning trees, cleaning gutters, building decks, or working on any other spring project, the tools we use can determine the quality of our results. Those tools can also have an impact on our personal safety. Defective outdoor and construction tools cause significant personal injuries every single year.

What are some of the faulty and dangerous products that might have you calling a product liability attorney in Cleveland, Ohio?

Home Depot Shears Recall

For an example of how defective tools can injure users, one need only look at the recently renewed Fiskars Titanium Bypass Lopper shears recall. The shears were originally recalled in 2014 after 23 reports of incidents caused by handles breaking during use. Since then, another ten incidents have been reported. The reported incidents include head injuries and lacerations.

The renewed recall, announced earlier this week, covers 277,000 shears sold by Home Depot in stores and online.

Ladders, Power Tools, and Handheld Tools Pose Safety Risks

As product liability attorneys in Cleveland, Ohio, the team at Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA has represented individuals injured by many defective outdoor tools and products. Ladders with inadequate support, power tools with faulty wiring, and poorly manufactured handheld tools are just some of the defective products that cause injuries and, in some cases, fatalities.

As the spring improvement season begins, it is important to inspect our lawnmowers, drills, ladders, and other devices to maximize our own personal safety. Unfortunately, with uncaring manufacturers putting defective products like Fiskars’ shears into the hands of consumers, sometimes proper inspection and care will not prevent injuries from occurring.

To Speak to a Product Liability Attorney in Cleveland, Ohio, Contact Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA

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