Streamline Your Injury Case With These Simple Tips

June 26, 2014

If you have been injured and decide to pursue a claim, you should expect your injury case to take at least a few months to be resolved.  Complex cases like a medical malpractice lawsuit, class action lawsuit, or even a product liability lawsuit may even take years.  And that is not even accounting for the time taken up by appeals, a defendant’s bankruptcy filing, or other procedural detours to you receiving compensation.

At the outset, attorneys never know for sure exactly how long your injury case will go on.  But what we do know is that well-documented accidents and injuries tend to settle much more quickly than those where the facts are in dispute.  This means that, in many cases, Ohio personal injury victims have the ability to shorten the length of time they must wait to receive compensation.  Below are a few tips that may help you streamline your claim.

Preserve Any Machines/Equipment Involved

Make sure that you save any products that have caused you injuries.  If you do not own the product in question, contact an attorney immediately so that she can assist you in preserving the evidence.

This goes for vehicles, too!  If your vehicle is sold for scrap, salvaged or otherwise changed from the condition it was in following the accident, then a potential crashworthiness case against the manufacturer is significantly more difficult—and time-consuming—to build.

Take Pictures or Video

Everyone has a camera phone and they are not just for selfies.  If you are in a motor vehicle accident, take pictures of the vehicles involved, the conditions of the road, and your injuries.  If you are injured because of a defect (e.g., a broken floorboard, a hidden nail, etc.) in someone else’s property, take a picture of the defect.  If you fail to take a photo and the property owner fixes the defect, you can count on the insurance carrier raising every argument in the book as to the condition of the premises.  With a simple photograph, you may be able to bypass these disputes and get your injury case in line.

Keep Your Records (and Keep Them Organized!)

While attorneys can obtain copies of your medical records with relative ease, other records are often not so easy to collect.  While your lawyer may be able to itemize the economic damages you have suffered in the form of work missed, vacation time used, travel expenses for medical care, and other miscellaneous expenses, doing so takes time.  You can avoid the delay of having your lawyer track down these figures by keeping organized copies of your records and updating your file as you go.

If you or a loved one has been injured as the result of a defective product, medical malpractice, or a defective product, contact the Cleveland personal injury lawyers at Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA for a free telephone consultation about your injury case.

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