Takata Airbag Recall Update

December 18, 2014

Amid mounting outside pressure to ensure the safety of innocent drivers, Ford Motor Company has drastically expanded its recall of Mustang and GT vehicles equipped with dangerous Takata airbags.

Prior to the expanded recall, Ford had already recalled more than 50,000 of its vehicles due to the risk that the defective airbags could explode and propel metal shards at passengers.  Now, Ford is recalling an alarming 447,000 vehicles, bringing the worldwide total of recalled vehicles to over half a million.

The expanded recall applies to 2005-2008 Mustangs and 2005-2006 GTs.

Most shocking (and telling about Ford’s priorities) is the fact that Ford initially chose to recall only about 10% of the Takata-equipped vehicles, despite knowing that the defective airbags are essentially ticking time bombs.  The potential expense of the expanded recall apparently outweighed any concerns on the part of Ford about the safety of consumers.  Only now that the public has become aware of the extreme risks associated with the Takata airbags has Ford stepped up to the plate and attempted to keep drivers and passengers safe.  For some, the recall may be enough, but it remains to be seen how many injuries or deaths have occurred in the years that Ford and Takata were exposing the public to unacceptable danger.

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