The Best Attorneys in Cleveland Are Board Certified

October 30, 2016

 In this video by the National Board of Trial Advocacy, we learn why it’s important to select a qualified trial attorney to represent you. James A. Lowe of Lowe Scott Fisher in Cleveland, OH, is Board Certified in Civil Trial Law, which signifies a higher level of professional competence in personal injury cases.

When you choose an attorney to represent you in the most difficult situation you could ever imagine, “you’re trusting an attorney with your life.”  This video shows why you want a board certified attorney on your team to fight for you.

According to the NBTA:

“Certificate holders undergo a thorough screening of their credentials, including: documentation of their experience, judicial and peer references, an exam, and they must report all disciplinary matters brought before any official body, whether public or private, for scrutiny by the NBTA Standards Committee…Possessing the NBTA certificate means that the attorney has been held to a higher standard of professional and personal conduct. NBTA lawyers maintain active trial practices and are required to submit a disclosure of misconduct annually and, at the end of each five-year term, prove once again they meet the standards for recertification.”

Qualifications matter. 

If you want one of the best attorneys in Cleveland, you’ll need to choose wisely. 

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