The Ohio State Fair Accident and Ohio’s Amusement Ride Laws

August 2, 2017

Tragedy struck at the Ohio State Fair on July 26, 2017 as one man was killed and several others were injured by a malfunctioning amusement park ride.  This devastating incident has many justifiably concerned about their safety at fairs and amusement parks.Amusement Park Rides

The team at Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA is available now to help you and your loved ones if you were injured at an amusement park or fair.  Amusement ride patrons are entitled to enjoy rides free from unreasonable risks and dangers, and anyone who is injured should consult an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Read on for the fast facts that Ohioans should know about amusement rides and their safety.

Does Ohio law regulate amusement rides?

Yes.  Chapter 1711 of the Ohio Revised Code gives the Department of Agriculture authority over the operation of amusement rides.  That Chapter, along with the corresponding Administrative Code, also sets forth the duties amusement ride owners owe to their riders.

Owners and operators of amusement rides must properly inspect, maintain, and operate their machines to ensure the safety of riders.  Additionally, they must post sufficient warnings for the riding public, hire capable ride operators, and not run rides in unsafe conditions.

Who does the law protect?

Ohio’s regulation of amusement rides is designed to protect everyone who may come in contact with the ride.  This includes not only passengers but also those who may be injured by debris, machinery, or vehicle track while not on the amusement ride. 

For example, in the recent Ohio State Fair accident, the injuries reported included those sustained both by riders and by bystanders who were struck by flying pieces of the ride.  All parties injured should now be consulting with attorneys, because the law protects them all.

Who does the law protect?

Unfortunately, despite Ohio’s laws and regulations, amusement ride injuries can and do still occur.  This means that you may be the last line of defense in protecting yourself against injuries.

When frequenting an amusement park or fair, the key is to stay aware.  Look at the ride operator and ensure that he or she appears alert and attentive to the ride.  Inspect the ride itself for obvious defects or signs of poor maintenance.  And read all posted warning signs and be wary of a fair or park that does not post any signs at all.

In some instances, protecting yourself from injury may be a matter of simply trusting your instincts.  If something doesn’t appear safe or secure, your common sense will tell you to avoid it.  Trust this instinct.

If you’ve been injured, you need an experienced attorney.

Amusement park injuries like those in the Ohio State Fair accident should not occur.  Families should be able to enjoy themselves and be reasonably safe from these tragic events.

At Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA, our trial team fights for individuals and families injured by careless businesses.  If an amusement company puts profits before safety, they must be held accountable.

If you or your loved one were injured in an amusement park accident anywhere in Ohio, contact Lowe Eklund now for your free consultation.

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