Three tips to avoid being hit by a car while jogging

August 5, 2019

When the weather is favorable, a jog outside can be one of the most invigorating things for your physical and mental health. But any outdoor runner faces a variety of risks depending on the area where they are running, and accidents to a pedestrian in these situations are rarely minor and are frequently severe or deadly. The pedestrian accident lawyers of Cleveland, Ohio, law firm Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA, know this from firsthand experience.

A pedestrian was killed every 88 minutes in traffic crashes during 2017, according to NHTSA. But there are precautions that you can take when running to minimize your risk of being hit by a car while jogging. Here are three tips to help keep you safe when running:

Do Your Homework

One of the ways to stay safe while running is to familiarize yourself with the landscape. Maybe you moved to a new neighborhood or are on vacation, and you’re looking for a new route. Consider driving around the area during the daytime to get a feel for any potential safety hazards.

Running in a city environment brings potential risks such as buses, work zones, speeding taxi cabs, drivers failing to yield at crosswalks, and distracted drivers. Even in rural areas, runners may be injured because of drunk drivers, drowsy drivers, or poor lighting or no lighting. If you’re concerned about how safe a route is to run, best to avoid it altogether.

Wear clothes that help you stand out

When running outdoors near or on a road, you face a higher level of risk because even at slower speeds, cars, trucks, buses, and motorcycles have the potential to seriously injure or kill those on foot.

One way to lower that risk of being hit by a car while jogging is to make yourself as visible as possible. If you jog outdoors, wear lighter colors so that you stand out more, or reflective clothing that is illuminated by headlights.

Be aware

Drivers have a duty to be aware, obey the rules of the road, and do everything possible to avoid striking or otherwise injuring pedestrians. While you can’t control their actions, you can raise your awareness to minimize your risks.

Make sure that you if you are running outside you are well-rested and well-hydrated to avoid unnecessary fatigue that could inadvertently result in a pedestrian accident. Also, if you run with earphones or wireless earbuds, consider keeping your music to a lower volume so you can hear screeching tires, car horns, or other warning sounds. Use crosswalks and traffic signals to stay safe.

How Lowe Scott Fisher can help a seriously injured pedestrian

Having represented countless injured pedestrians and their families, the pedestrian accident attorneys of Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA, have developed the experience and resources to help you and your family cope with the physical, financial, and personal loss that can result from a pedestrian-involved motor vehicle accident.

If you or a family member suffered serious injury or loss of life because in a pedestrian or jogging accident, call or e-mail now and let us fight for you. Our dedicated team of personal injury attorneys can help you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries and loss.

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