What Does a Social Security Disability Lawyer Do?

December 31, 2016

Accidents, injuries, and medical problems can happen to anyone.  Fortunately, Social Security protects many of those who are affected by a disability.  But many people’s Social Security disability applications are denied, and many others struggle to navigate the complex Social Security system.  That is why you should contact a Social Security disability lawyer if you or a loved one need Social Security assistance due to a disability.   

Social Security Disability Lawyer.jpgAs with any other legal process, applying for Social Security disability benefits involves law, regulations, and procedures unfamiliar to most non-lawyers.  With a dedicated disability attorney at your side, you can rely on the guidance of a professional to help you demonstrate that you are entitled to your Social Security disability benefits.  In your time of need, it is better to allow an experienced lawyer do the things that you may not be able to do yourself.

What Does a Social Security Disability Lawyer Do?

Prepare You to File Your Application

Many individuals who suffer from a disability either do not know their rights with respect to a Social Security disability claim, or do not understand how the application process works.  As is typically the case, speaking to an attorney at the earliest time possible is encouraged.  Those who are preparing to file an application or concerned about their eligibility may speak to the team at Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA prior to filing their application for a free consultation.

Prepare Medical Evidence

If a Social Security disability application is denied, a Social Security disability lawyer can help you prepare the medical evidence to support your claim and overturn the denial.  It is often that case that applicants simply did not have the requisite support for their request.

An attorney can recommend additional testing where necessary, including a consultative examination with an SSA doctor.  Additionally, an attorney will put together necessary expert evidence and prepare explanations for any ambiguous medical records which may have been the basis for denial of your claim.

Prepare You for Your Hearing

An attorney who has spent time representing clients in Social Security disability matters will understand the types of questions and arguments that may be made in your appeal.  In much the same way that a personal injury attorney would prepare a plaintiff, your Social Security disability lawyer can help you or your loved one understand the process and questions you will face.

Many individuals are confused by the questions posed in a Social Security disability appeal.  This confusion can lead to frustration and misstatements.  Your attorney can help prevent this by explaining what to expect, why certain types of questions may be asked, and how you can cooperate to ensure that the full extent of your disability is presented.

Represent You Throughout Your Proceeding

Like most other legal matters, an appeal of a denial of Social Security benefits will involve legal doctrines beyond the knowledge of the layman.  An attorney must determine how best to establish that you are entitled to Social Security disability benefits, and this is done by making arguments based on disability law.

This can mean proving that your disability meets the definition of an SSA listing, using something referred to as “the grid” to establish your entitlement to benefits, or otherwise arguing that you cannot perform work at a certain level.  Regardless of the legal theory your attorney recommends, all involve complex legal concepts best set forth by an experienced lawyer.

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