Where Will My Cleveland Personal Injury Lawyer File My Lawsuit?

April 14, 2016

Plaintiffs Like You Are Often Concerned About Where They Will File a Lawsuit

Legal documents Photo attribution: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ken_mayer/5599532152A lot of time and blog posts are dedicated to helping personal injury victims understand whether they should file a lawsuit. But many potential clients looking for a Cleveland personal injury lawyer come to their consultation with a very different question: “Where would we file the lawsuit?”

Due to lack of resources or lack of time, many personal injury victims are concerned that travel to some faraway court would make filing a personal injury lawsuit too difficult. Before making assumptions about where a claim would be filed, though, injured parties should consult an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Where Do You File Your Case?

Like most answers in law, the answer to where a case may be filed depends on particular circumstances. When pursuing a legal claim against a defendant, your personal injury attorney will analyze which courts have jurisdiction over the defendant and which jurisdictions would be the proper venue for filing a lawsuit in light of the specific facts and evidence relating to the case.

Sometimes the Answer is Easy

In the majority of cases, this analysis is simple. For example, a large number of local car accident lawsuits involve a resident of Cuyahoga County injured by another County resident while driving in the County. Even for those unfamiliar with Ohio law and rules of procedure, it likely is apparent that a lawsuit should be filed in Cuyahoga County.

Sometimes the Answer is More Complex

Personal injury claims can involve more than just local parties and local accidents, however. Airline injuries, cruise and other recreational accidents, out-of-state automobile accidents, and injuries caused by defective products not sold in Ohio are some of the types of cases that Lowe Scott Fisher’s Cleveland personal injury lawyers have analyzed for jurisdiction and venue purposes.

How Does a Lawyer Decide Where to File?

Where your lawyer will file your personal injury lawsuit will ultimately be decided by a combination of statutory law, rules of procedure, any relevant contractual agreements, and the facts of your case. Because there are so many interconnecting factors, it is important to contact an experienced Cleveland personal injury lawyer before deciding that legal action will be too difficult to pursue. Experienced legal counsel will do everything possible to minimize the burden on personal injury victims and ensure that your case is filed in the most proper and convenient location for you.

If you or a loved one have suffered a personal injury and you are in need of assistance, call Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA today for a free telephone consultation.

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