Who Can File a Class Action Lawsuit?

September 16, 2015

Many, if not most, Ohioans have heard the term “class action lawsuit.”  Some may have even received a portion of settlement proceeds from a class action lawsuit without any direct involvement.  Few people outside of the legal profession, though, understand that class actions can develop from the willingness of one individual to stand up against the fraud or other wrong perpetrated by a corporation against consumers or other businesses.

The Benefits of Class Action Lawsuits

In Ohio and throughout the country, the class action lawsuit is a valuable tool for wronged and injured parties to obtain the compensation that they are owed as the result of the wrongful acts of another, typically a business.  Allowing consumers to pursue legal action as a class frequently permits individuals to obtain compensation for injuries that would not warrant the expense of hundreds or thousands of separate cases.  In instances where more significant injuries are involved, class action lawsuits offer an effective means for the countless “little guys” to take on a large corporation, and also prevent inconsistent verdicts throughout the state or country.

A Single Person Can Help Thousands

While the specifics of who can file a class action lawsuit and who can represent a class is a complex legal issue, individuals should be aware that class action lawsuits frequently begin because of a single complaint about a company practice or product defect.  Many brave personal injury victims who are initially hesitant about pursuing legal action ultimately decide that they must take action—not for themselves, but to help others like them who may suffer similar injuries in the future.  These are the individuals who frequently bring a wider issue of corporate negligence and misdeeds to light.  Through their actions, class action lawsuits that may help thousands can develop.

Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA: Ohio Class Action Lawyers

Consumers, employees, patients, and business owners have the power to institute change by bringing corporate wrongs to the attention of experienced class action lawyers.  The first step is contacting a dedicated Ohio trial attorney if you, your loved one, or your business enterprise have suffered due to corporate fraud, negligence, or wrongdoing.

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