Why Injured Workers Should Call a Workers Compensation Lawyer

May 15, 2018

Injured workers face difficult challenges.  Coping with medical expenses, lost wages, and physical recovery all at the same time can be extremely stressful. 

Fortunately, state law insures that injured employees may be able to receive workers’ compensation benefits for their injuries.  Even so, knowing what steps to take to protect your family, finances, and future can be tough.

If you are considering filing a claim with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, or if your existing claim was denied, calling an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer like those at Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA is in your best interest.  Offering free initial consultations, the Lowe Eklund team can help you protect your right to receive the benefits available to you by law.

When Injured Workers Should File a Claim

Filing a workers’ compensation claim is not a clear issue for all injured workers.  In fact, many who suffer workplace injuries do not file a claim at all because they do not know they are eligible for benefits.  Because of this, it is recommended that all individuals consult an attorney as soon as possible following an on-the-job injury.

By speaking to a lawyer, injured individuals can discuss their rights, obligations, and available legal options.  Many times, a claim should be filed; in some cases, a claim may not be appropriate.  Through a free initial consultation, a trusted attorney can help you decide the right path to take following your injury.

Preparing Your Claim

Your claim (also called your application) for workers’ compensation benefits must be properly detailed and supported.  Documentation regarding the incident that led to your injuries, as well as medical documentation of the injuries, must be provided to the BWC.  Knowing what documentation to provide can streamline your claim process, thoroughly establish your right to compensation, and ease your burden as you recover from your workplace injuries.

Appealing a Claim

Workers’ compensation claims are frequently denied.  In many instances, denial occurs as the result of a lack of medical documentation.  (This is why having an attorney who understands the documentation requirements from the outset is recommended.)  The BWC also frequently denies claims because an employer disputes the claim.

Whether your claim was denied for these or any other reason, the law allows injured workers to appeal the decision.  If your claim was denied, it is in your best interest to contact a workers’ compensation lawyer immediately to protect your right to benefits.

Time Limits

A workers’ compensation claim must be made within a certain time following injury or wrongful death.  That time limit varies by circumstance, and generally ranges from one to two years.  Appeals must be made within fourteen days of receiving a denial.

Because of the applicable time limits, contacting an attorney as soon as possible could be the difference between eligibility and ineligibility to pursue benefits.

Lowe Scott Fisher Co., LPA – Helping Injured Workers

If you were injured on the job, or your loved one suffered injury or wrongful death, make the right decision for your family by calling an Ohio workers’ compensation lawyer now.

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